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Noticias de Laura Vandervoort/Kara

Foro dedicado a Laura Vandervoort que interpreta a Kara.

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Re: Noticias de Laura Vandervoort/Kara

Notapor Shelby » Mié Ago 12, 2015 3:17 am

- Poniéndonos al día con la belleza canadiense Laura Vandervoort (citystyleandliving):

Spoiler: mostrar
Poniéndonos al día con la belleza canadiense Laura Vandervoort
Por CSL Staff 10 Agosto, 2015

Catching Up With Canadian Cutie Laura Vandervoort. The bitten actress talks with CSL about her new show, her love for Vancouver and her travel must haves.

I play Elena Michaels [on bitten], the only female werewolf in the world. She’s layered, strong and flawed. There were so many things that drew me to Elena, and the fact that she’s a werewolf certainly added to the intrigue for me. As a fan of sci-fi I’ve become very aware that the most dominant, strong and empowered
leading women are often found in this genre. I’m drawn to the challenge. Sci-fi lends a hand to stretching the imagination. It allows for an escape for the audience and the ability to go outside of the usual plot box on television. I think audiences love that and are drawn to it.

It is something I’ve been doing since I was 13–something I started doing to try it out– and wound up falling in love with the art. I find it fulfilling for many reasons: to explore my emotions; to transform into another character (generally someone very different from myself); to test my boundaries and scare myself on a daily basis. On top of all of this, I’ve found a surprisingly fulfilling side to this career—the fans, meeting young women who find escape in my character and little girls who look up to me as (somewhat) of a role model. Supergirl has been wonderful in that sense. I meet so many young girls who admire Supergirl. That
means so much to me.

I love animals. I work consistently with pETA because of this – doing their exotic skins campaign and blackfish campaign to free Orcas from captivity. In addition, when I was born, I contracted meningitis. The hospital that saved my life at a rather young age, North york General Hospital, has wonderful programs for donations. Donating to their neonatal unit and spreading the word was a way for me to give back. World Vision is also a wonderful organization I’ve been working
with for a few years. Sponsoring two kids through World Vision was something that was important to me.

Vancouver. It has just been such a positive place for me. I’malways there working, spent my first time away from my family as an adult in Vancouver. Struggled
there. blossomed there. And I love the vibe, pace and energy. people are just happy and healthy. The air is clean and there are so many different areas to explore whether it’s whistler, yaletown, Gastown, Granville island, Stanley park…It has it all.

Three items… Hmmm. Always have my snack bars (kind bars, Lärabar), my heels and a comfy tshirt. I have many different brands of luggage that I’ve collected along the way. I couldn’t possibly be that person who has a matching set. I just can’t throw old luggage away!

Seeing large pods of dolphins swimming beside our boat every morning at sunrise and every night at sunset while shooting in Hawaii! They were beautiful and free.

I’ve had amazing sushi in London at Zuma Sushi and incredible everything in Vancouver at blue Water Cafe in yaletown. Incredible bread and wine at Manon
restaurant in NyC!

Don’t think I’ve found my favorite yet. I look forward to more exploring more in the next few years.

http://www.citystyleandliving.com/catch ... ndervoort/
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¡¡¡¡AY, OMÁ QUÉ CALORES!!!! ¡Gracias por tu regalo, Nitta!
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Re: Noticias de Laura Vandervoort/Kara

Notapor Shelby » Sab Oct 10, 2015 3:58 pm

- Entrevista de Laura Vandervoort en "The women´s wire":

Spoiler: mostrar
The first time I met Laura Vandervoort was in a friendly group setting. It was a chilly (by LA standards) October evening, and we were standing in line to ride a haunted hayride. At first glance, you can’t help but to notice her beautiful blond hair, gorgeous eyes and natural beauty. There was a moment when we had a chance to talk one-on-one. I learned that beyond her stunning looks, she was my age, was very laid-back and had double majored in college, with degrees in psychology and literature.

Furthermore, Vandervoort had moved away from her family and home in Canada to Los Angeles to further pursue her acting career. I didn’t know it at the time, but she was definitely not new to the acting world. In fact, she’s someone who has been working on her craft and perfecting it since she was a child. She has nearly 40 credits and has been best-known for her role as Supergirl/Kara Kent in “Smallville,” until now!

Up until this past summer, I hadn’t really seen or spoken to Vandervoort since that night. A friend of mine became a close friend of hers and would occasionally fill me in on how Laura was doing and what she was working on. After I started to follow her on social media, I saw all of the wonderful things she was doing not just with her acting but also as a human being and woman.

When The Women’s Wire launched, Laura came to mind as a leading example of a positive woman who can connect with the community. With Laura’s demanding shooting schedule for her show and her other projects, my friend arranged a phone interview between Laura and me.

When we connected, her voice was still as pleasant as when we had first met several years prior, but this time there was a grown-up confidence that was much more apparent, and rightfully so.

Laura had recently returned from Africa, where she served as an ambassador to World Vision Canada, supporting the “Starting Strong” initiative, which is a volunteer program that aims to improve the health and quality of life to children in remote areas. When Vandervoort was about 20 years old, she became a sponsor to two children in Africa through World Vision. Even though she was making a donation to help improve the quality of these children’s lives, Vandervoort wanted to do more. “It was a chance that I couldn’t pass up. I had just turned 30 and had been through many things, which had changed my life. I wanted to do more to focus on others, to help and to widen my vision of this world.”

Laura spoke of her experience and how it was one of the most life-changing moments. “I am aware of my surroundings. I have a sense of appreciation as I turn on my water, open my fridge and make a meal. I want to share my experience and just encourage everyone to take part however they can.”

Upon returning from her trip, Laura returned to the news that her show “Bitten,” on Space in Canada, would be returning for a third season. “Bitten” can be seen in the United States on Syfy, which has also announced that the show will return on the network for the third season. If you haven’t seen the show, Laura stars as Elena Michaels, the only female werewolf in existence. Her character is tired of being a werewolf and walks away to live a “normal” existence, but eventually she is torn between her human life and her wolf life when she is called upon to help save the pack. The show is based on a book series called “Women of the Otherworld,” by Kelley Armstrong.

Laura is no stranger to playing strong-willed women, so it was only fitting that she would be incredible as leading lady Elena. Vandervoort describes her character as “strong, confident, stubborn, broken, tormented and powerful. She is also loving and compassionate,” making her Vandervoort’s favorite role to portray to date. “I’ve felt challenged and fulfilled portraying her.”

When she’s not acting or donating her time, Laura enjoys staying active and writing. In fact, she has authored a children’s book, titled “Super Duper Deelia,” which is about a quirky little girl who discovers she has superpowers on her birthday. With the help of a dog and her grandmother, she learns how to use her powers.

So what propelled her to write this book? “I was a tomboy growing up and didn’t like princesses, ponies or pink,” Vandervoort explained. "With my Supergirl background and fan base, I thought it would be great to develop a series that speaks to girls like me." It worked, because the book is in the process of becoming a TV series.

Having worked in the entertainment industry and meeting many high-profile celebrities, Laura is a breath of fresh air. She is human just like the rest of us. She has known struggles, success, heartache and love, values her family and friends, and adores her rescue pup, Frankie, who has the most beautiful blue eyes you will ever see on an animal. She’s a badass chick both on and off the screen. Through it all, she works very hard and remains true to her passions and her authentic self.

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¡¡¡¡AY, OMÁ QUÉ CALORES!!!! ¡Gracias por tu regalo, Nitta!
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Re: Noticias de Laura Vandervoort/Kara

Notapor Shelby » Lun Ene 18, 2016 4:53 pm

- Laura Vandevoort se une al elenco de "Supergirl" como 'Indigo':

Spoiler: mostrar
CYeH-DNUwAA9Rqa.jpg large.jpg

Las cosas se van a poner incluso más interesantes en National City, ya que los personajes de 'Indigo' y 'Master Jailer' está previsto que debuten en la serie de "Supergirl" de la CBS (Lunes 8/7c), que recientemente ha sido premiada como Nuevo Drama de TV Favorito en los 2016 People’s Choice Awards.

Laura Vandervoort, quien interpretó a Kara/Supergirl en la serie de éxito "Smallville", ha sido escogida para interpretar el papel recurrente de 'Indigo', descrita por los productores como "una supercomputadora viviente de férreas convicciones que fue sentenciada a Fort Rozz después de volverse contra la gente de Krypton. Ahora en la Tierra, Indigo no dejará que nada se interponga en su camino. Usa su avanzada programación para aterrorizar a aquellos que le hicieron daño, y también tiene la habilidad de lanzar ráfagas de campos de fuerza y disparos letales de energía a través de sus manos y sus ojos, y su mente analítica le permite controlar la tecnología hecha por los humanos.

Hará su debut en el episodio 1.15 que debería de emitirse alrededor de Marzo/Abril. Vandervoort se convertirá en la tercera Supergirl de la serie, junto a la estrella de la serie Melissa Benoist y la de la película original Helen Slater (quien ahora interpreta a la madre adoptiva de Kara).

Andrew Kreisberg habla sobre la decisión, además de no tener más que palabras de elogio hacia la actriz: “En primer lugar, cuando la serie fue anunciada, Laura nos mandó el tweet más dulce, diciendo lo honrada que había sido y lo emocionada que estaba por Melissa, y eso significó mucho para mí. Pensé que había sido un gesto de mucha clase. Y luego me la encontré en los Saturn Awards, y tuvimos una conversación genial... han habido en realidad un par de otros papeles que intentamos que hiciera, pero no estaba libre porque [la propia serie de televisión de Laura] Bitten estaba en producción, pero como siempre con los cástings, siempre digo que cuando un papel no funciona con alguien, es porque el papel perfecto está por llegar, y ahora la tenemos uniéndose y siendo un papel recurrente en la serie,” se entusiasma Andrew.

“[Indigo] se ve rompedora,” añade el productor ejecutivo Andrew Kreisberg. “Se va a ver increíble. Y definitivamente no se verá sólo como Laura. … Siendo un aspecto del Programa Brainiac, llega a través de los ordenadores, así es que Winn está activamente involucrado en ese episodio. Pero ella tiene una historia muy interesante. Era uno de los prisioneros de Fort Rozz. Pero el cómo llegó a ser lo que es, y el cómo terminó en prisión, y qué ha estado haciendo en la Tierra es parte de la diversión y de la sorpresa del episodio.”

En los cómics, el personaje es descrito como "un gynoid y miembro de los Outsiders, con conexión con Braniac. Nacida en una distante era futura, llega al siglo 21 gravemente dañada y buscando desesperadamente un organismo mecánico o cibernético capaz de repararla." El personaje apareció originalmente en "Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #1" y más tarde resultó ser Brainiac 8 del futuro lejano, pero no está claro si estos orígenes se reflejarán en la serie de tv.

El anuncio se ha hecho durante la sesión de "Supergirl" de la Warner Bros. Television en la Television Critics Association Winter 2016 Press Tour en los estudios de la Warner Bros.

“Tendremos a tres generaciones de Supergirls. Y el pensar que la próxima Supergirl quien es aún una niña pequeña está ahí afuera viendo esto [podría estarlo viendo]… siempre nos consideramos a nosotros mismos como cuestodios de esta pierna del viaje, pero estos personajes llegaron antes que nosotros, y van a seguir después de nosotros, y nosotros somos los afortunados que han conseguido estar al volante durante esta porción del viaje,” dice Kreisberg.

http://www.cbs.com/shows/supergirl/news ... er-jailer/
http://warnerbrostv.tumblr.com/post/137 ... indigo-and
http://tvline.com/2016/01/11/supergirl- ... -season-1/
http://www.kryptonsite.com/supergirl-an ... s-casting/

- Vandervoort de "Smallville" pondrá a prueba el temple de Supergirl como la "rompeadora" Indigo (CBR):
Spoiler: mostrar
Vandervoort de "Smallville" pondrá a prueba el temple de Supergirl como la "rompeadora" Indigo
Por Bryan Cairns, 19 Feb 2016

Laura Vandervoort fans are in for a treat. After four seasons of playing Kara/Supergirl on "Smallville," the "Bitten" actress has booked the recurring role of Indigo on CBS' "Supergirl." However, this time around, Vandervoort is more villainous than heroic.

In the DC Comics source material, Indigo was a robotic menace with ties to Braniac, her rampage ultimately leading to the death of several Teen Titans. The "Supergirl" TV series has tweaked her origin, making Indigo a living super-computer who has somehow managed to escape her confinement on Krypton. Now on Earth, the only thing standing in the way of her goals is Supergirl.

Ahead of Indigo's debut in February 29's "Solitude," Vandervoort spoke to CBR News about developing Indigo for the small screen, channeling her inner Angelina Jolie, testing Supergirl's mettle and reuniting with Tom Welling.

Story continues below

CBR News: After spending a handful of seasons as Kara on "Smallville," how does it feel to be returning to the DC Universe?

Laura Vandervoort: I think it's great because the new "Supergirl" series incorporated some of the past characters and actors from other superhero shows, like Dean Cain and Helen Slater. Including me was an honor. The show is fantastic; I love everything they are doing with it. The fact that they asked me to come along for a bit of the journey was something I clearly wanted to be part of. It's mostly because the "Smallville" fans are so fantastic. I've been hearing from them on Twitter that they would like to see me on the show and I wanted to do that. Also, I actually truly love the show.

The character I'm playing, Indigo, is such a badass that I knew I'd have a lot of fun. She's a living, strong-willed super-computer. I've been trying to wrap my head around how to play her, how she spoke and how she moved. I'm learning as I go along. It just unravelled quickly and I was on the set already filming. Once I stepped into her costume and how she looks, which is rather unique, I was able to slowly piece together who she was.

It sounds like Indigo is a bit of a work in progress. In what ways did the comic books and producers help influence your performance?

When I learned that they were offering me the role of Indigo, I looked her up immediately. I saw many different versions of what she looked like and descriptions of who she was, that went in depth so much that they talked about how she enjoys doing her laundry. There's a lot of information out there that you can or can't use. You have to sift through the important facts.

After doing that, I spoke to Andrew Kreisberg, the executive producer on the show. He gave me a few ideas of who Indigo was and how they wanted to see her played. He actually mentioned Angelina Jolie in "Beowulf" and how she portrayed her character. That was really the only direction I was given. I found myself on the set playing her. The weirder I got, I thought, "For sure they are going to tell me I've gone too far. That this is strange, bizarre and doesn't work." They didn't pull back. It's getting weirder and weirder.

Indigo is a purplish blue female alien. How much did they have to tinker with how to bring that image to the small screen?

I can't say a word.

But, you have a costume?

Well, yes, I have wardrobe. They are waiting to reveal how Indigo looks. I don't want to get in any trouble, but I can tell you I'm unrecognizable.

They could have gone the Mystique route and spray painted you. What were your expectations when you initially saw a picture of Indigo?

I did ask them some questions. They assured me I wouldn't be in the hair and makeup chair extensively, and they would try to find their own version of Indigo. I think my concern was, "Am I going to be completely naked?" They assured me of a few things I was concerned about. I'm really excited at what they've created.

You called Indigo a badass. How does she test Supergirl's mettle?

I think just with her sheer presence and confidence. I can't tell you how some of her abilities allow Indigo to outmaneuver Supergirl. She's a new major threat to National City and to Supergirl. I've shot an episode so far. I'm not sure where we're going with the rest of her storyline, but it's definitely been fun. Melissa [Benoist] and I have had a great time shooting it.

Indigo doesn't shy away from physical combat. How do some of "Supergirl's" action sequences compare to your "Smallville" days?

On "Smallville," Kara was more powerful than Superman at the time because he was still figuring his powers out and she was trying to teach him to fly. A lot of my stunts were harness work, which isn't too tasking. On "Bitten," and equally on "Supergirl," it's more hand-to-hand combat and longer fight sequences. That's actually more difficult than just being harnessed up and flying. But, I enjoy doing those things because I grew up doing martial arts. It breaks up the acting day's work where it's long and monotonous and also very grueling. It's nice to mix it up with a little action.

How does playing a supervillain compare to being a do-gooder?

Both are great. I have played a lot of heroes with Elena on "Bitten," as Supergirl on "Smallville" and even Lisa on "V." To be honest, it is a little more fun to play the bad guy because I feel you can step outside of your comfort zone. You can try things that are a little odd and quirky and off. It's a little more liberating than trying to be nice, stick to the rules and stay within the realm of your character's personality. With bad guys, they can always be a little mentally off. You never know what will happen with them.

It seems people have been clamoring for "Smallville's" leading man, Tom Welling, to guest-star on "Supergirl" as well. Would you like to reunite with him on "Supergirl," and in what capacity?

I was actually just hanging out with Tom. A group of us went to Mexico. I had asked him about "Supergirl" and he said he hadn't heard anything on it yet. I know he's been super busy. He has his own show and had a movie come out. He's a great guy and I would love to work with him again in any capacity. It would be nice to go toe-to-toe with him because we have that history.

http://www.comicbookresources.com/artic ... ass-indigo

- Laura Vandervoort: Melissa Benoist es la "Supergirl que quería ver todo el tiempo" (thr):
Spoiler: mostrar
Laura Vandervoort: Melissa Benoist es la "Supergirl que quería ver todo el tiempo"
Por Sydney Bucksbaum 25 Feb, 2016 2:43pm PT

Laura Vandervoort has officially passed the Supergirl mantle to Melissa Benoist.

After donning Supergirl's cape on The WB/CW's Smallville for six seasons, Vandervoort is set to guest-star on the CBS drama Monday, where she'll take on DC Comics villain Indigo.

"It's definitely a switch of roles, but that's what I liked most about Indigo," Vandervoort tells THR. "She's almost a polar opposite of Supergirl and that's what was so fun about playing her."

For the actress, seeing Melissa Benoist take on her former role as the DC Comics character was exciting — largely because CBS' Greg Berlanti/Ali Adler drama goes much deeper into comic book mythology than Smallville did.

"This is a completely different version of Supergirl than we had on Smallville," Vandervoort says. "On Smallville, Kara was an adolescent, immature version of Supergirl. She thought she knew it all and thought she could take care of things on her own, not to mention she didn't wear the tights and the cape. It was pre-Supergirl, whereas on this show, Melissa is playing the character from the comics. She's trying to figure out her powers and her place in this world. It's almost more like a Clark Kent character, where she's working a day job and wears the glasses and that whole thing."

While Benoist is able to go full Supergirl, that's not something Vandervoort has any regret about missing out on during her tenure on Smallville.

"Getting to see any actress wearing the tights and the cape was pretty cool for me because I didn't get the opportunity to do that on Smallville. We're finally getting a series about Supergirl where you see her in her full glory, in her costume, and I'm so proud of this show and what they've done with the character."

When Vandervoort showed up on set to film her episode, that was actually the first time she met Benoist despite publicly voicing her support back when the Glee alum first landed the major role.

"I was just excited that this show finally got its day because there was talk eight years ago about doing a Supergirl series and it just didn't happen," Vandervoort says. "This is exactly how I imagined a Supergirl series back then. Meeting Melissa on my first day was great. We hit it off and started comparing notes about how I had done it vs. what she's doing. My version was much more of a child and was kind of bratty. But now I love what they've done, she's much more a mature person who is learning as she goes and she doesn't have it all together yet while she's saving the day and discovering her own strength. This is the Supergirl I wanted to see all along."

"Indigo can transport via the internet and technology, which makes her equally dangerous in the digital form as she is in the physical form," Vandervoort says. "That causes trouble for Kara because she can't always get a grasp on Indigo since she's able to disappear through any technology and pop up just as quickly. And she has a unique connection to Kara's past which will be revealed in this episode."

As for what to expect from Monday's hour, Vandervoort says Kara isn't the only one with a surprising connection to Indigo.

"She is also connected with Non [Chris Vance] and his larger plan," Vandervoort says. "There's a lot happening and a lot to be revealed. You don't quite know what her purpose is and why she's showing up right now, but she first appears when she hacks into an Ashley Madison sort of website and leaks client info to Cat [Calista Flockhart]. She just creates widespread panic in the city."

Back when Smallville was on the air, it was the only show of its kind. But five years later, the TV landscape is overflowing with comic book shows — including three more DC series produced by Berlanti. Asked if Smallville would still be the same show if it was on today, Vandervoort doesn't think much would have changed.

"Smallville had its own mood and vibe and that worked for the show because it was about the characters before they were truly who they were destined to be," Vandervoort says. "Clark's [Tom Welling] world was on the Kent farm and his job at the newspaper. And of course the show changed over the course of 10 years but I don’t think it would change if it were on the air today to fit into the time. I think it still would fit as is. There are so many superhero shows on television that are glossy and high-action and I think Smallville would have fit right in with those but it would have had its own niche."

http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-f ... ssa-869708

- Laura Vandervoort habla sobre el regresar al mundo de "Supergirl" (ksitetv):
Spoiler: mostrar
Laura Vandervoort habla sobre el regresar al mundo de "Supergirl"
Por Craig Byrne 26 Feb, 2016

Nine years ago, Super-fans were first introduced to Laura Vandervoort, who burst onto the scene as TV’s first Supergirl starting with the seventh season of The CW’s Smallville. To borrow the title of Laura’s earlier series, Vandervoort was an instant star, quickly embraced by the show’s fan base, much like Melissa Benoist has been for her portrayal as Kara.

Laura, who is currently starring in the third and final season of her series Bitten which airs on Syfy, makes her debut opposite a different Supergirl as she plays “Indigo” in the Supergirl episode “Solitude.” The role is said to be a recurring one, and we’ve seen some photos of what we can expect in addition to a trailer. We spoke with Laura this week about this role that is making her the first major Smallville veteran to appear on Supergirl on CBS.

“I was actually at the Saturn Awards last year presenting and ran into Andrew [Kreisberg], one of the Executive Producers on the series,” Vandervoort recalled about the genesis of her appearing on the new show. “He told me that they would love to have me come join the cast at some point, and I was obviously excited about that opportunity,” she continued. A few characters came up as possibilities for Laura to play, but Laura was already committed and busy shooting Season Three of Bitten at the time. Once Bitten wrapped, the character of Indigo popped up. “Timing was right and Indigo sounded like a fun new challenge. Returning to the DC world is something I have been wanting to do for a while, plus returning as a villain is exactly how I wanted to do it,” Laura said.

So who is Indigo, exactly? “Indigo is a living strong willed supercomputer,” Laura explained. “She was sentenced to Fort Rozz after turning against the people of Krypton. Indigo is able to transport through technology, which makes her a dangerous nemesis for Supergirl. She has strong connections to Kara and her past, as well as to Non and his future plans,” she revealed. When we first meet Indigo, she causes trouble by hacking into an Ashley Madison type website and leaking the client list to Cat. Her ultimate goal is not yet known, but it will be revealed in the episode. “She is such a rival for Supergirl that Supergirl is forced to go to the Fortress of Solitude to learn how she can fight and defeat her,” Laura told us.

While we do see Laura’s natural look at the beginning of Supergirl’s “Solitude” episode, we quickly see Indigo’s natural form, a “blue and angry” look that fans have noticed as having a bit of a resemblance to the X-Men’s Mystique. For the full hair and makeup look for Indigo, it would take 3-4 hours, but the show has gotten it down to three. A prosthetic is on Laura’s forehead with three LED lights, with a bald cap, a blue makeup, and a wig on top. “I actually did a time lapse video of the entire process the first time we did it and hope to release it Monday after the episode,” Laura teased.

Considering Laura’s Super past, you’d expect some references or nods to her time on Smallville, though Laura told us that there are no specific references. However, she is sure that fans will have their own opinions, perhaps drawing parallels from some of the dialogue and it relating to her time as Supergirl. She also won’t spoil us by saying if she, Melissa Benoist, and the show’s other veteran Supergirl, Helen Slater, have shot scenes together, but did describe Melissa as “great.”

“I really love how she portrays Supergirl and what the show has done with the character. We have had a lot of fun working together so far,” she said, adding that she was pleased and thought it was “about time” for there to be a Supergirl series on television. “I am excited that we are at a place now where superhero shows are at the forefront and female superheroes are leading the way,” she enthused.

“Being cast as Supergirl on Smallville was the beginning of a lot of growth for me,” Laura recalled of her own time as the ‘Maid of Might.’ “Smallville was somewhat of a training ground for me as an actor and an individual. It has allowed me to go to comic conventions and meet with fans. It allowed me to develop this fanbase that has been so great and loyal to me. This genre has also led the way for other character choices I have made. Playing an iconic superhero on television was a great honor,” she said.

What does Laura have coming up next?

The third and final season of Bitten, the series that Laura stars in as female werewolf Elena Michaels, airs Mondays at 11PM on the Syfy cable network. Additionally, Laura is working on a children’s TV series that she is executive producing and creating called “Super Duper Deelia.”

“I had written the book years ago as a template for a series of books; however, the consensus was that it needed to be a TV series. So we are now creating a live-action kids show. This is my first time behind the camera and it’s been quite a journey and learning process. We are still working on getting it off the ground, but I am very excited for all that is in store,” she said.

http://www.kryptonsite.com/interview-la ... supergirl/

- Laura Vandervoort sobre el luchar contra Supergirl como 'Indigo' de DC (IGN):
Spoiler: mostrar
Laura Vandervoort sobre el luchar contra Supergirl como 'Indigo' de DC
Eric Goldman 26 Feb 2016

DC Comics villain Indigo makes her debut on Monday’s Supergirl played by a very notable guest star – Laura Vandervoort, who kicks off a new recurring role on the CBS series.

Vandervoort of course played Kara/Supergirl on Smallville, and now fans will get to see her onscreen -- and battling -- Melissa Benoist, the current incarnation of the Girl of Steel.

I spoke to Vandervoort about what to expect from Indigo, the makeup process involved, working with Benoist and more.

IGN: Fans were very excited to hear you’re going to make your first appearance on Supergirl. What were your first conversations like with the producers about showing up on the series?

Laura Vandervoort: I met Andrew [Kreisberg] at the Saturn Awards last year and he introduced himself as one of the executive producers of the show. I thought it was fantastic that the show was being done and he said they’d love to have me be a part of the series at some point. Of course I was all in for that and I think there was a few characters they were considering me for but I was shooting the final season of Bitten and as soon as it was complete, Indigo popped up. Training-wise and character-wise, everything sort of synchronized and I was excited to play her. I didn’t actually have a full on conversation with the producers because I just entirely trust what they’re doing with the show and I knew the character would be great.

I looked her up and did some research on my own and when I did speak to Andrew he said they wanted her to have a sense of humor but she’s also very sexual, in a way, with the characters, to get what she wants; almost like Angelina Jolie in Beowulf was his example on how to play her. But they let me go with the flow and play the character. A lot of the character came from watching my stunt girl the first day and watching her move and how they’d chosen to have Indigo fight and that’s how I made her move and how I want her to be.

IGN: The description for the episode says that she has a connection to Kara’s past. What can you say about this version of Indigo when we meet her?

Vandervoort: I think you’ve seen the photos, so you know Indigo is blue! [Laughs] Very different looking. She can transport via the internet and technology which makes her dangerous in both physical form and digital form, which is a huge threat to Supergirl, because she can’t always get her hands on her. Indigo can disappear at the drop of a hat and show up in the same way. You don’t know why she shows up but she’s there to cause some trouble. She first causes trouble by hacking an Ashley Madison-style website and linking the info to Cat. And yes, she has a unique connection to Kara, which will be revealed in the episode. She also has a connection to Non and his larger plan.

IGN: You mentioned the look. What did you think about putting on the makeup and the costume?

Vandervoort: They did a great job. As I said I had looked her up online and wasn’t quite sure which version we were going with. Andrew had said, “Don’t worry we’re not doing fully head to toe paint,” and I was like, “I like to wear clothes! That would be appreciated.” What they came up with was pretty badass and looks great and suits the character and how I wanted to play Indigo. The hair and makeup process is about three to four hours. We’ve gotten it down closer to three. It’s a prosthetic on my forehead with LED lights and the battery is back behind the wig and blue paint. It’s the strangest look I’ve had as an actor.

IGN: Comic fans were quick to note the nods to Brainiac in the costume, which ties into her comic book origin. Anything you can say as to whether or not that’s going to be explicitly mentioned?

Vandervoort: There’s a possibility but that’s all I can say. [Laughs] Don’t get me in trouble here, Eric!

IGN: What was it like working with Melissa and having this shared history of playing different versions of this character?

Vandervoort: It’s great. Melissa is fantastic. We hit it off right away on the first day, laughing about a few things and the predicament we found ourselves in in our first scene we were sharing together. It’s not the order you see it in the episode, but our first scene was very close, if you will, so we were laughing about that. We didn’t really share any Supergirl stories. We did talk about the amount of stunts involved with the character and how different my version was to hers. It’s just a nice nod to the sci-fi audience and to the comic book fans to have us both in the same scenes.

IGN: There's a nice legacy tradition with Superman-related stories – Even the first Christopher Reeve movie included cameos from the 1940s serials and the 1950’s TV show. Is that cool for you now to be part of that and part of this history related to all these characters, and that it is important to a lot of fans to get to see you on this series?

Vandervoort: Oh yeah, it’s actually a big honor. We had Christopher Reeve on Smallville before it was involved, and it was sort of his nod of approval to that show. Now myself and Helen Slater and Dean Cain all get to be involved in the Supergirl series. This genre is fantastic. The fans are loyal to us and we want to be loyal to them. Being a part of another Supergirl series and being back in the DC world was important to me for those fans who supported me during Smallville and after Smallville. Playing the first Supergirl character on television back then was terrifying because people could really rebel on playing the character and they didn’t. They really welcomed me and that’s a big reason why I wanted to be a part of the new series.

IGN: You just had me remembering that the first time we spoke was at Comic-Con, when you were going into your debut on Smallville.

Vandervoort: Yep! Gosh, I was just told that was eight years ago. Can you believe that? We’re getting old!

IGN: [Laughs] No, I can't believe that! You mentioned Helen Slater, and I love the idea of potentially getting a scene with you, Melissa, and Helen. Would you like to get all the live-action Supergirls together?

Vandervoort: That would be pretty iconic and a big moment for me. I would love to do that. Hopefully they get an opportunity to. I don’t know. I’ve still got some more shooting to do. So that’s where I’ll leave that comment!
Supergirl: Indigo (Laura Vandervoort) Makes Her Debut

IGN: Besides Melissa, are there other actors you’re getting to work with on the show? We have seen a clip of you without the make-up at some point.

Vandervoort: Yes, there is a brief moment where you do see her in a more human looking form and hopefully people will realize it is me later on. I do interact with some of the other characters, Winn especially, because he’s their tech guy and I travel through technology. I do have some scenes with him, Alex, James, and even some scenes with Hank. She’s making her way through the characters’ storylines trying to wreak havoc.

IGN: There's fan speculation on what the introduction of the multiverse on The Flash -- which is allowing the Flash/Supergirl crossover -- could mean in the big picture, and if perhaps even Smallville characters could come back in some form down the line. Would that be exciting for you to play your Kara interacting with these characters via the magic of the multiverse?

Vandervoort: That could be great as well, but I kind of like the fact that I’m returning to the DC world as a different character. I can’t speak for everyone on Smallville butwe’ve played those characters, especially Tom [Welling] and Allison [Mack]… They played those characters for ten years and might not want to revisit that. I don’t know. I think now that I’ve played Indigo, I think it’d be a little less likely that I’d be there as my version of Kara, but who knows?

IGN: Is it fun to explore your villainous side as Indigo?

Vandervoort: Of course! It’s always fun to be bad. I’ve never gotten to play a character that was this methodical and slimy before. I’ve played bad characters for sure, but she’s just a creation of her own. She’s got this sense of humor to her that’s dark and a lot of fun. Playing a villain you get to explore every possible emotion within three sentences because you’re mentally unstable. So I’ve been finding new, fun ways to do things.

http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/02/27/ ... cs-indigo#

- ¡Laura Vandervoort sobre el luchar contra Supergirl (mientras que envidia su traje)! Plus: su opinión sobre las opciones de renovación de "Bitten" (TVLine):
Spoiler: mostrar
¡Laura Vandervoort sobre el luchar contra Supergirl (mientras que envidia su traje)! Plus: su opinión sobre las opciones de renovación de "Bitten"
Por Rebecca Iannucci / 29 Feb 2016, 7:00 AM PST

It’s going to be a very busy Monday for Laura Vandervoort.

Not only will tonight’s TV lineup bring a showdown between Elena and the Russian Alpha Roman on Bitten (Syfy, 11/10c), but Vandervoort will return to her comic-book roots when she makes her Supergirl debut (CBS, 8/7c).

This is just one of several meta moments that Supergirl has facilitated in its first season. Dean Cain (a former Superman) and Helen Slater (a onetime Supergirl) pop up occasionally as Kara Danvers’ adoptive parents on the CBS series, and Vandervoort herself played Kara Zor-El on The WB/CW’s Smallville.

TVLine caught up with the actress in advance of her first Supergirl episode, where she’ll kick off a recurring run as super-computer villain Indigo.

Read on for intel on what Vandervoort thinks of the CBS series overall, how her Kara Zor-El costume compares to Melissa Benoist’s and what Bitten fans can expect from the imminent Elena/Roman face-off.

TVLINE | Even eight years ago, when you were playing Kara on Smallville, there were rumblings about an eventual Supergirl series. Is what CBS is doing in line with what you imagined?
One hundred percent, yes. When we were working on Smallville, it wasn’t officially discussed, but I had heard rumblings as well about a series being done. The timing wasn’t right. There were the 90210s and Melrose Place-type shows. And I’m just glad that now we’re seeing the ability to have a female superhero leading the way. Other superhero shows are doing so well right now, and I think that’s due to sci-fi having such incredible characters. It allows an audience to escape for a while, and sci-fi and comic book fans are so dedicated to these characters. The fact that we have a Supergirl series now — it’s brilliant. They’re doing a fantastic job, and it’s exactly what I would have imagined the show to be. She’s not perfect, she’s strong in finding her way. That’s all we need to see in female superheroes. They’re not going to have it all figured out, and I love what CBS has done with the direction of the character.

TVLINE | I have to imagine you’re a little envious of Melissa Benoist’s costume compared to your Kara outfit. At least she has tights!
[Laughs] She’s got an awesome costume. She’s got the muscle padding and the cape and the whole nine yards, even the “S.” On Smallville, mine wasn’t quite as workable. [Laughs] It was jean shorts and a belly shirt. And again, that was a part of the time and the style of Supergirl that we were portraying, which was a young, rebellious, teen Supergirl who thinks she has it all figured out. I didn’t have the cape, so I was actually in [Melissa’s] wardrobe and touched the cape just to feel the weight of it. It’s a really, really cool costume, and she wears it well.

TVLINE | A lot of Supergirl viewers will be aware of your history with the character of Kara. Can they expect any wink-and-nod references to your experience on Smallville?
There’s no specific reference, but I’m sure there are lines that people can [use to] draw parallels to me having played her before. I’m sure everyone’s going to find something in there, even if it’s not intended.

TVLINE | Your hair and makeup look incredible for the role of Indigo. How long does it take to transform into her?
The hair and makeup process is three to four hours. I actually took a time-lapse video of the process, which I hope to release [this] week. I really felt the character coming together as the makeup went on, and I became more blue. That’s where I directed how I’m playing her. I watched our stunt girl and how she moved, as well as putting on the suit and the whole nine yards. It transformed me. It’s actually a prosthetic on my forehead with three LED lights. That goes on first, and then the bald cap, and then I’m completely painted blue and the wig goes on. It’s not a difficult process, it’s just lights that have to go on and off under the wig. It’s actually a fairly comfortable suit — just not a lot of room to breathe. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Most of Supergirl‘s Villains of the Week are disposed of within the hour. Since your character is recurring, can you say how difficult it will be for Kara to defeat Indigo?
She’s a pretty great nemesis for Supergirl. She’s matched in strength, and the fact that she’s able to transport through the Internet and technology makes her hard to grab. She can pop up at any point, anywhere. She can move through computers to get to people on the other side. There’s that extra quality to her that Supergirl can’t always handle. And Supergirl actually goes to the Fortress of Solitude to try to find a way and learn how to properly fight Indigo, because she is so frustrated with the fact that she can’t defeat her.

TVLINE | It’s been rumored that you were in talks for a few other Supergirl roles, but your shooting schedule for Bitten prevented those from happening. What roles were you considered for?
I had actually heard that later on. I was shooting Bitten at the time, so my team didn’t tell me about the other roles because I wasn’t even available, and I probably would have wanted to play them all anyway. [Laughs] Timing-wise, it just worked out that as soon as we wrapped Season 3 of Bitten, Indigo popped up. I fell in love with her. I looked her up and loved the fact that I look nothing like myself, especially since the Smallville days. With this being Supergirl, I wanted to be different. I wanted to be bad. Indigo was the perfect timing and the perfect character. But I did hear there were other characters that they were trying to get me in for.

TVLINE | Speaking of Bitten, what can you tease about the big showdown with Roman?
You can expect to see Elena in a position she’s never been in before, in terms of power and strength. You do find out a secret about Roman and [Elena’s] relation to Roman. We had some really tough scenes, and you really see Elena taking a stance you’ve never seen before.

TVLINE | Canada’s Space Channel is touting this as the final season, but Syfy conspicuously isn’t. Is there a chance it could go on?
If I did [know anything], I couldn’t say. [Laughs] It’s always fair to say that no show is ever really dead if the fans love it enough. You would always hope the door is still slightly open to do something else in a different realm or different way. We love the show and characters so much that that would be a hope for us. You never know, but the fans have created a hashtag, #HowlForMore, trying to get another season.

http://tvline.com/2016/02/29/laura-vand ... ew-bitten/

- Supergirl: La antigua Maiden of Might Laura Vandervoort sobre el taer a la vida a la villana Indigo (EW):
Spoiler: mostrar
Supergirl: La antigua Maiden of Might Laura Vandervoort sobre el taer a la vida a la villana Indigo
Por Natalie Abrams 29 Feb 2016

Monday’s episode of Supergirl may have you seeing double. And no, Bizarro Girl isn’t returning.

Laura Vandervoort, who portrayed Supergirl on Smallville, kicks off a multi-episode arc as the supervillain Indigo, who was sentenced to Fort Rozz after turning on the people of Krypton. Below, the actress discusses returning to the world of DC, sharing the screen with another Supergirl, and the perks of going dark:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was it like stepping back into the world of Supergirl?
LAURA VANDERVOORT: It was great. I played Supergirl years and years ago, but being asked to be a part of the Supergirl series was really something I was excited about. I had seen the show and was really excited when I heard the casting news for it. Stepping into the DC world again, but as a villain, was a nice change for me and something I was excited about.

What can you tell us about Indigo?
Indigo is actually a living, strong-willed supercomputer. She’s a villain that’s able to transport via the Internet. She’s equally as dangerous digitally as she is physically in her form. She’s actually showing up to cause trouble for Supergirl, but we don’t quite know what her goals are at this point. You’ll find out later on. How she shows up is she hacks an Ashley Madison sort of website and leaks the client info to Cat [Calista Flockhart]. You also find out that she’s got a unique connection to Kara’s past, which will be revealed in the episode.

What is Indigo’s dynamic like with Kara (Melissa Benoist) in the present?
Kara, at this point, doesn’t know what Indigo’s true intention is, but she does have to travel to the Fortress of Solitude to learn how to fight Indigo. It’s something she’s never come across before and she’s figuring it out as she goes. She’s an equal strength to Supergirl at some point throughout the episodes.

Is there anything you can tease of why she was imprisoned on Fort Rozz?
I can’t. I like to believe she is the most dangerous of the Fort Rozz villains, but I don’t think I’m able to say why she was there. That’s something you’ll find out in the coming episodes that she’s in.

In the comics, she’s a version of Brainiac, which is funny because we saw Brainiac on Smallville. How does she compare to that one?
Actually, on Smallville as well, I had an episode where I played Brainiac. It’s a different version for sure. Similar to how it was different on Smallville, Supergirl the series has a different take on the characters, which I think is great; it’s time for a change. It’s definitely a different version than we saw on Smallville.

What kind of interaction does she have with the other characters on the show?
She does have interactions with a few characters on the show, Winn [Jeremy Jordan] included, because he’s the tech guy of the series, but there’s also some interactions with James Olsen [Mehcad Brooks], Alex Danvers [Chyler Leigh], even with Hank [David Harewood] and Cat, in a way; not directly. I got a chance to play with everyone on the show. It’s been a lot of fun. I’m really trying to find the unique qualities in Indigo. A lot of the character is driven by how she looks. It’s the first time that the exterior has impacted the interior for me as a character, where once I put the suit on and saw how the stunt girl moved, I realized that was the character of Indigo — very calculated and very specific.

What was that makeup process like?
Goodness. It’s about three to four hours. It’s my first time doing this extensive hair, makeup, prosthetics, wig, the whole nine yards. It’s cool. It really transforms everything about what I’m doing. It was fun to feel that change as the blue went on, as the wig went on and then you put the suit on. It’s definitely a whole new world.

There’s talk of a scene between all three Supergirls, with you, Melissa, and Helen Slater. What was that like to shoot?
I can’t tell you because I haven’t done that yet, so I don’t know if that’s actually going to be the case. I have another episode to go, so we’ll see. Hopefully that comes up.

Have you at least been swapping Supergirl stories with Melissa?
A little bit. On our first day of shooting, we were just talking about the majority of stunts that we’ve both had to do, and what kind of stunts I was doing on Smallville versus what she’s been doing. This is an entirely different Supergirl, so if she wanted to discuss any of it, I’d be happy to, but we were really just talking about the wire work, green screen and that sort of thing. She’s doing a great job.

In the comics, Indigo was a superheroine-turned-villain, so could she possibly turn good and align with Supergirl?
I think there’s always that possibility with comic-book characters. They can switch sides rather quickly depending on what works best for them. Indigo is such a conniving character that I think she would do whatever works for her. Not to say she will or won’t switch sides, but she’s definitely on the bad side at this point.

Was it nice for you to tap into the evil side this time around?
Oh yeah. I always believe it’s a little more fun to play bad. Although I’ve played my share of good characters, this I’m able to have more fun with. It’s a whole array of emotions for her, because she is so slimy that, at a point, she’s got a sense of humor to her, but she’s also very evil and dark. I get to play all the realms of emotion with Indigo. If you’re playing a good character, you really can’t go dark very often. It’s been pretty fun. I’m having a blast figuring out her personality.

What’s been your favorite part of playing this character?
There’s a lot of things about her that I’ve been enjoying. Just her mysterious presence and the fact that she uses a bit of her sexuality to get what she wants, but in a very strong, alpha sort of way. It’s been fun working with other actors and figuring out physically how she’s going to move around them to get what she wants.

http://www.ew.com/article/2016/02/29/su ... ort-indigo?
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Notapor Shelby » Vie Feb 19, 2016 8:02 pm

- 21 Times We Were Jealous Of Laura Vandervoort’s Life On Instagram (BuzzFeed):

http://www.buzzfeed.com/katangus/laura- ... .vxWjnLNvl
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Re: Noticias de Laura Vandervoort/Kara

Notapor Shelby » Sab Abr 02, 2016 11:02 am

- Laura Vandervoort Interview on "Institute Magazine":

Spoiler: mostrar
Institute: What made you take the career path as an actress?

Laura: I actually grew up being more of an athlete, doing martial arts. When I was about 12 years old I saw the movie My Girl and it inspired me. It made me want to try something in the arts. It was the first movie I had seen as a child that was featuring young actors in serious dramatic roles. After that, I asked my parents if I could try it out. I fell in love with it. I started off doing background work and acting classes and eventually doing children’s TV series and Disney movies. I loved the creativity that came with the industry and it excited me to explore all of those emotions.

Institute: We are excited to see ’Supergirl’ can you tell us a bit about that?

Laura: I am playing a character named Indigo. She is a recurring character this season and a new threat to National City and Supergirl. Indigo is a living strong-willed supercomputer. She is methodical and almost snake like in the way she speaks and moves. She is definitely ‘different’ looking and has been a joy to play.

Institute: What drew you to the part?

Laura: I had played Supergirl previously on the series Smallville. Supergirl’s executive producer, Andrew and I met at an awards show in which he said he would love to have me be a part of the series at some point down the road. Of course I told him I was definitely excited to work on the series. Once my series Bitten wrapped its third season, the role of Indigo popped up. It seemed like a fun and exciting new challenge for me. Plus it was perfect timing. Returning to the DC world was something I have always wanted to do, and playing a villain as opposed to a hero, was the perfect way to jump back in.

Institute: If you could obtain a super power what would it be?

Laura: If I could obtain a superpower it would probably be either invisibility or the ability to fly.

Institute: You have worked alongside some incredible talent, who has been the most influential?

Laura: I would have to say the most influential has been Joseph Gordon Levitt. He is such a phenomenal talent to work alongside of and takes his craft very seriously. I definitely learned quite a bit while working with him on The Lookout. In addition, although it was only two days… getting to work with Tom Hardy was also a great experience I will never forget.

Institute: How do you keep yourself occupied in between projects?

Laura: Between projects we are always looking for the next exciting role so there is never really any downtime. In addition, I have been working on creating and executive producing a children’s tv series with Shaftesbury Productions. It is something I am very excited about. I wrote the concept and a book a few years ago and now we are working on getting it off the ground as a TV series.

Institute: What has been a stand-out out moment in your career so far?

Laura: That is a tough one. Every project I have been a part of has taught me something new and challenged me. That is generally what I look for. I think being cast as Elena Michael’s in Bitten has to be one of those standout moments for me, personally. It was my first opportunity to be the lead of the TV series and we ran for three great seasons. I am very proud of the series and the growth I personally went through during the three years, as well as our cast and crew.

Institute: How hard do you push yourself?

Laura: I am always trying to push myself to do more and to be better. I think that is just the way that I was raised.

Institute: What are some of the greatest fears you think actors face?

Laura: I think all actors face the fear of when their last project ends and when the next one will begin. There is never any certainty with in this business. That is a tough truth. If you are working you are working hard and when you are not working you are still working hard for the next job.

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- Laura Vandervoort habla sobre Indigo y la final de la S1 de ‘Supergirl’ (globalnews.ca):

Spoiler: mostrar
Laura Vandervoort habla sobre Indigo y la final de la S1 de ‘Supergirl’
Por Chris Jancelewick 15 Abril 2016

Back in 2007, when Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort was just beginning to play Supergirl on Smallville, she had no idea that nearly 10 years later, she’d be guest-starring on a Supergirl series, this time playing a villain.

It’s an interesting switch for Vandervoort, whose four-year stint as the pure-of-heart caped crusader is nothing like her current role. Her character on Supergirl, Indigo, resembles a long-lost cousin of X-Men‘s Mystique, replete with blue bodysuit. Indigo has the unique power of being able to travel through the internet, and her ultimate goal is to take out Kara (Supergirl, played by Melissa Benoist) and the entire human race.

Global News spoke with Vandervoort in anticipation of the Season 1 finale (airing on Global TV Monday, April 18 at 8 p.m. ET/PT), and she chatted about returning to the Superman universe, the events of the finale, and how long it takes to get that costume on.

Global News: So, that costume.
Laura Vandervoort: [Laughs] Well, technically it’s a wetsuit. No one wants to be fully painted blue every day. [Laughs] It holds in the heat when we’re doing stunts. That’s always fun. When I take it off, it’s just water… sweat pouring down.

It was empowering once I had it on, with all the hair and makeup. It all came together, and I suddenly found the way Indigo would stand. It’s very snake-like.

And your hair is a wig.
Yeah. There’s a prosthetic on my forehead, and then a bald cap and a wig. My forehead lights up. So basically, everything from my eyebrows up aren’t real. It’s like a really bad Botox job, I can’t move my forehead at all. [Laughs] It takes about three to four hours to put it all on, and then over time you forget it’s there until you see yourself in the mirror. It’s not too restrictive, and obviously the wetsuit allows me to manoeuvre and do stunts.

How much of the stunts on this show do you do yourself?
I always try to do the majority of them myself. You always have a double for the very dangerous stuff, and I had two different doubles on this show, and they were more acrobatic than me. I’m trained in martial arts; I started when I was seven and I got my second-degree black belt when I was 19, so that definitely helps.

I always seem to go after the strong female roles, where they fight back. Indigo doesn’t have as many intense fight sequences as I’ve had in the past, and she’s more calculating. She doesn’t throw as many punches.

She’s too busy on the internet.
[Laughs] She’s too busy browsing on Google.

Is it fun for you to play this villainous character?
Oh yeah. I’ve played somewhat bad before. On Smallville, I was infected with red kryptonite, I was Braniac. On V, I played the evil twin and ate my boyfriend, and then on Bitten, she has her moments. This is the first character that’s bad to the bone.

I’ve wanted to go back into the Superman universe, and having played Supergirl before, it’s cool to return as something completely different. I love what the show’s done, I think Melissa is fantastic, and I love the show’s look. When they asked me to be a part of it, I said I’d want to look different and be a different character. Indigo came up when Bitten Season 3 wrapped, so it was serendipitous and it worked out well.

Is it trippy to be back in that universe, almost 10 years later?
It is a little trippy, but not too much, because my Kara was quite different from this Kara. Melissa has the full-on costume, which I never had. My Kara was more of a teeny-bopper discovering her place on Earth, she had an attitude, thought she was always right and was very strong-headed. This Kara is sincere, sweet and strong, but she’s still figuring out how to be a superhero, whereas my Kara thought she knew everything.

It’s safe to say that Indigo will appear in the Season 1 finale, correct?
Yes. [Laughs] She returns in the finale, which is called Better Angels. Indigo and Non are teaming up to stop Supergirl, and they’re trying to destroy the planet with Myriad. She’s quite the foe for Supergirl, because she teleports and transforms through technology, so she’s hard to fight.

I watched the finale last night and it’s amazing. It’s really fun to play Non and Indigo’s relationship, because there’s a sexual tension there. She uses her sexuality to get what she wants from Non. They have disagreements on how to utilize Myriad, and it’s a blast to see her manipulate him. As you know, I was restricted facially. [Laughs]

You can’t tell us if you’ll be back next season (since that might reveal what happens in the Season 1 finale), but if you get the opportunity to return, would you?
I would love to, if it makes sense for the storyline and if Indigo survives.

Here’s the thing with Indigo: she lives on the internet, so couldn’t she always be rebooted?
That’s true. You just need a bunch of ones and zeroes and she can come back. Everything in binary.

http://globalnews.ca/news/2640878/laura ... -1-finale/

- Entrevista de Laura Vandervoort: la actriz canadiense habla sobre Bitten, la piel de gallina y su papel como Supergirl (THN):
Spoiler: mostrar
Entrevista de Laura Vandervoort: la actriz canadiense habla sobre Bitten, la piel de gallina y su papel como Supergirl
Por Ben Read 23 Abril 2016

The Hollywood News’ Ben Read sits down with Laura Vandervoort. The actress has also appeared in the likes of Ted, HBO series Ballers, V and Smallville. Check out Ben’s Laura Vandervoort interview below.

The second decade of the 21st Century has been hailed as the ‘Golden Age’ of television, with every genre from fantasy epic to political thriller receiving intelligent, popular and compelling material on a regular basis.

This has been no different for small screen productions involving Martians, mutants, creatures and of course, caped crusaders. As a result, various comic and book adaptations have hit the small screen over the past few years.

Tremendously talented Candian actress Laura Vandervoort, is certainly no stranger to any of these genres. Having already worked on Smallville, Bitten and Supergirl, the former girl of steel is more than familiar with characters that are out of this world. Earlier this year THN was fortunate enough to have spoken with the wonderful Vandervoort, in order to promote the final season of Bitten. Check out our Laura Vandervoort interview below, where we discuss everything from superheroes to gender equality in Hollywood:

THN: Can you tell me what initially attracted you to the role of Elena Michaels in the Canadian television series Bitten?

Vandervoort: At the time I had worked on a lot of science fiction and was maybe looking to escape that genre a little bit. So when they came to me with Bitten I was a little bit hesitant, because I thought that it was just another werewolf show. But then I read the book and I spoke to J.B. Sugar, our executive producer, where he explained the idea to me a little bit more. He reassured me that it was more of a drama based series like Sopranos or True Blood, where the characters came first and the fact that they are werewolves came second.

Then once I understood Elena’s past experiences and her history of growing up in foster care, I really thought that there was something great there. It was just a really interesting character and a really interesting story. Plus it was my first leading role on a series and I was also really excited about filming in my home town. The stars just seemed to align perfectly and three years later it’s been the best experience of my life.

THN: With the ever expanding market of supernatural television dramas, what do you think differentiates Bitten from other shows currently on the air?

Vandervoort: Well first of all, a lot of popular Science Fiction shows are based on superheroes and the comic book genre. Whereas our show is about a young girl who has overcome a lot of obstacles in her life as she constantly tries to fit in. The fact that it is a werewolf show also makes it very different to a series about super powers. This is more of a Romeo and Juliet story, with a large part of our show revolving around death, betrayal and lust. So I think that it’s definitely darker than a lot of the Science Fiction and superhero shows currently on the air. I also feel that a lot of the characters are better thought out and more layered than most.

The fact that there is already a series of existing novels means that we had some really mature stuff to start off with. So, the challenge of redirecting these characters and plots in order to fit an hour long television drama also separates us quite a bit. Not to mention the fact that we have a female lead on a Science Fiction show. Although, it is great to see more and more strong women leading the genre now. That’s part of the reason I love Sci-Fi so much! It’s able to create and show these strong women in such a fantastic way.

THN: You have played quite a few strong female characters over the years. How do you feel about the representation of women in Hollywood? And do you think that we are finally beginning to see gender equality portrayed on screen effectively?

Vandervoort: I think that we are in a way. I mean, it’s long past the time that we should have seen a variety of strong women on television and film. So I’m very happy to see that it is now happening finally. There are still some ways that I feel there is an inequality, but rather than get down on that subject I’m just enjoying seeing leading women kicking ass and taking control. It’s been fantastic to be part of that group within the Sci-Fi world and I just hope that continues for me and other actresses out there. I really hope that I can personally keep on playing strong women who have intelligence, strength and flaws. Because it’s also important not to portray women as perfect people who have everything together, because in reality everyone is dealing with issues. I think that we need to be honest in the characters we are playing, for the benefit of both the audience and ourselves. No one wants to watch a character that has it all together because that’s not realistic and that’s not relatable.

THN: Bitten’s third and final season is coming up very soon. What can you tell me about the upcoming series and will there be any more characters from the books making their live action debut?

Vandervoort: Erm, I can’t tell you much. But, the finale of season 2 concluded with Elena having some sort of premonition. This season picks up with Elena dealing with that premonition and what it means for her and the pack. Does it mean (metaphorically) that she is going to destroy this pack? Or is it really what she thought?. So, she is terrified by the notion of her being the catalyst for this foreshadowed destruction.

In addition to that, there are some new characters introduced this season that will completely change things. I mean, it shocked me when I read it! I had no idea that the writers were going in that direction. It will completely shock the audience because it completely changes how you view Elena and who she is. So, this season will completely turn her world around and make her second guess where she is going in life.

We are pretty much off the books this season. As with any show that has evolved from a series of novels, you need to have that liberty of being able to change things to fit that hour long format. Also, we want to keep audiences excited, involved and intrigued, so I think that it was a great idea to veer off the books a little. This also allowed us to explore more of who the characters are and surprise fans of the novel as well.

THN: As a huge Superman fan, I grew up watching the CW’s Smallville for the entirety of its ten year run. The show has been incredibly influential and left a huge legacy behind it. How does it feel to have been part of that?

Vanvervoort: Well I’m with you there because I also grew up watching the show and it was a huge part of my childhood. I came into Smallville in season seven and that was terrifying because not only did I watch the show, but I was also joining a cast that had been a family for seven years. So basically I was the new kid on the block just trying to fit in. But I was also trying to come to terms with playing my first large American role, which also happened to be an iconic female superhero. There was a huge amount of pressure! Plus I was also moving away from home for the first time and living on my own.

So, I had quite a lot to deal with when I started on the show. But to be a part of Smallville was definitely worth all of those scary moments when I was younger, because it does have this legacy that will always remain. Getting the opportunity to play the first version of Supergirl on television was an honour and also a great training ground for future work. I’m very proud to be a part of it. I mean, it was on for ten years!

THN: Superheroes and Comic adaptations are extremely prevalent on the big and small screen now. But Smallville was part of the first wave that began in the early 2000’s and has definitely influenced a lot of what has come since.

Vandervoort: Yeah, I suppose so. I mean, back then there weren’t a lot of superheroes on television. I guess I never really thought about being part of that first wave until now. But it did take a while after Smallville ended for the superhero genre to get to the forefront of Television and Film. I’m just happy that is has now and that we also have female superheroes leading shows too. So, I’m very honoured to be part of that world.

THN: It was revealed earlier this year that you will soon be appearing on CBS’ Supergirl series starring Melissa Benoist. What can you tell me about your character?

Vandervoort: Well, I will definitely be a recurring character on Supergirl. I play a character called Indigo, who is sort of villainous super-human computer. I’m terrified to reveal too much information, but it’s nice that the show is making references to the past like this. I mean, Dean Cain and Helen Slater have also appeared on the series. So the opportunity to be part of that world again is a very nice homecoming. I think that Melissa is doing a fantastic job on the show and she is great to work with. I also love that my character looks completely different from how I looked as Supergirl, which is a lot of fun for me. It’s been a whole different journey playing Indigo so far and discovering who she is.

THN: Can you reveal whether or not there will be a scene between all three Supergirls including you, Melissa Benoist and Helen Slater?

Vandervoort: I can’t tell you right now, because I actually don’t know! I’ve only shot one episode so far and I’ve got a lot more to come. But even if I did know I wouldn’t tell you!

THN: In regards to Supergirl continuing to hark back to the past, do you think that there is potential for Smallville’s Tom Welling to make an appearance? And is that something you would like to see?

Vandervoort: I love Tom and I think that he can do whatever he wants. If that’s something that he chooses to do then I know that the fans would love it. But at the same time I’m sure that he would like to get away from the Superman stigma that he’s attached to after playing the character for ten years. Although, saying that he mainly played Clark Kent before he became Superman in the series finale. But, I’m not sure if he will return to the role or not. I don’t know what he plans on doing, but I’m sure if he does show up on Supergirl fans would love it. But then again even if he doesn’t, I know that he’s a busy man and he’s doing his own thing so I wish him well whatever he does decide to do.

THN: Is there any sort of friendly rivalry between yourself and Melissa knowing that you have both portrayed the same character?

Vandervoort: Oh no not at all. I mean, first of all we have both played very different versions of the same character. I played Kara before she really knew who she was and before she became Supergirl. So, our two versions of Supergirl are ultimately polar opposite in terms their personalities. Smallville had me playing her as a more immature, adolescent and snotty version of the character, because she was living in Clark Kent’s world and trying to fit in. But in Supergirl Kara lives in her own comfort zone and realm, which is allowing her to figure out who she is as she goes along. So, they are both ultimately very different from one another. The fact that they are bringing me onto this show is great as I’m huge fan of Supergirl and I completely support it. It’s been absolutely lovely working with Melissa.

THN: Now for a slightly different question. With the recent release of the big screen version of Goosebumps starring Jack Black, did you find yourself reflecting back on your own childhood experiences on the 1995 Television series?

Vandervoort: That’s a great question! No one has ever asked me that before….well done you! I think it’s great that they are doing a movie about it. Growing up in Canada, most of us Canadian child actors were part of that Television series. I did three episodes of it myself and it was actually my first job. So, I really love the fact that are bringing that back because it’s nice to see that part of my childhood revived on the big screen. With things like Full House and Boy Meets World being rebooted for modern audiences, I think it’s great to see 90’s properties brought back to life.

THN: We definitely live in a world of reboots now, where everything seems to be coming back around!

Vandervoort: It’s nice because I’m of that age now where a lot of the shows that I grew up watching are coming back. So it’s quite nice for me to be able to reminisce about that. I absolutely love it.

THN: Finally, do you have any idea what you have lined up as your next project after Bitten has concluded?

Vandervoort: Well I’ll definitely be continuing on Supergirl for a little bit. Apart from that I am executive producing and creating a children’s show in Canada, as well as a book that I am hoping to publish very soon. But I’ve been working on my kids show quite a bit and it’s my first time behind the camera which is very exciting. It’s called Super Duper Deelia and it actually came about on the back of the huge popularity of superheroes at the moment. I wrote the first book about four years ago now, and I’ve been going to conventions reading it to young girls of eight or nine years old. It bothered me that a lot of role models these girls were looking up to in comic books or action figures were very unrealistic in their body types, and overall a little too mature for these children to try and emulate. So, I thought that I would like to create a character they can look up to, who is their age but also a healthier superhero role model. The character is going through school, homework and bullying issues, while also being a superhero. So hopefully, parents of young children can let their kids watch this show and grow up with this character.

THN: That’s definitely a very relevant topic, with the majority of female role models being extremely over sexualised.

Vandervoort: Yeah I feel like a lot of female superheroes are way over sexualised. But that’s because a lot of them were written for an older audience. There are so many young girls out there who want a female superhero to look up to, and it’s a little ironic that now the time seems to be right. We’ve been working on this for four years and hopefully it will be hitting the screen this year. I have learned so much from working behind the camera on Super Duper Deelia and it’s been an interesting experience trying to get this show off the ground.

http://www.thehollywoodnews.com/2016/04 ... interview/
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Re: Noticias de Laura Vandervoort/Kara

Notapor Shelby » Jue Ene 26, 2017 11:40 am

- Laura Vandervoort se une a la película ‘Saw: Legacy’:

Spoiler: mostrar

Laura Vandervoort junto a Hannah Anderson se han convertido en las primeras actrices que se han anunciado para la película de Lionsgate “Saw: Legacy,” la octava entrega de la franquicia de terror.

La película — la primera titulada “Saw” desde hace siete años — está dirigida por el equipo de hermanos Peter y Michael Spierig de un guión de Pete Goldfinger, Josh Stolberg, James Wan, y Leigh Whannell. Los productores son Mark Burg, Gregg Hoffman, y Oren Koules, el trío que ha producido las ocho películas.

Lionsgate lleva mucho tiempo especializado en géneros tales como la franquicia de “Saw”, producida por Twisted Pictures. La película original de “Saw” costó $1.2 millones de dólares en el 2004 y fue el debut como director de Wan con un guión de Whannell con Cary Elwes, Danny Glover, Monica Potter, Michael Emerson, Ken Leung, Tobin Bell, y Whannell como protagonistas.

La siete películas de “Saw” han recaudado más de 870 millones de dólares en todo el mundo.

La franquicia gira en torno al personaje ficticio de John Kramer, también llamado el “Asesino Jigsaw” o “Jigsaw,” quien atrapa a sus víctimas en situaciones que ponen a prueba su deseo por vivir. “Saw: Legacy” se estrenará cuatro días antes de Halloween el 27 de Oct. en U.S., seguido por el estreno internacional a principios del 2018.

La película se rodó en Noviembre y está en post-producción.

Vandervoort, entre cuyos créditos se encuentran "Bitten", "Smallville" y "Ted", está co-representada por Adam Levine en Industry Entertainment y Norbert Abrams de Noble Caplan Abrams.

Precisamente éste es el proyecto secreto por el que la actriz tuvo que teñirse su cabello de color moreno durante estos meses de atrás.

http://variety.com/2017/film/news/laura ... 201970058/
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Re: Noticias de Laura Vandervoort/Kara

Notapor Shelby » Sab Jul 01, 2017 12:20 am

- Tessa Virtue, Laura Vandervoort, Erica Durance And More Wish Canada A Happy 150th Birthday (real style network):

http://www.realstylenetwork.com/celebri ... -birthday/
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Re: Noticias de Laura Vandervoort/Kara

Notapor Shelby » Mar Ago 22, 2017 12:36 pm

- Laura Vandervoort aparecerá como recurrente en la S2 de la serie de AT&T Audience Network "Ice":

Spoiler: mostrar
Hace unos días, la actriz de Laura Vandervoort compartió unas imágenes bts desde el set de su 'nuevo proyecto secreto' que se estaba rodando en Vancouver y del que no compartió más detalles.

Ahora hemos sabido que se trataba del drama legal de AT&T Audience Network "Ice", en la que la actriz aparecerá como recurrente en su segunda temporada.

Vandervoort interpretará a 'Tessa Pryor', una abogada de lujo que llega al tribunal para representar al veterano tratante de diamantes Freddy Green (interpretado por Jeremy Sisto). Tessa es descrita como confiada, segura de sí misma y muy lista, “una verdadera agitadora.”

Esta temporada, con Green & Green habiéndose marchado y sus finanzas y reputaciones hechas pedazos, Jake (interpretado por Cam Gigandet) y Freddy deben encontrar una manera para reconstruir – y redimirse a sí mismos. El descubrimiento de un magnífico diamante en bruto aporta la promesa de ambos, y podría poner a los hermanos Green de nuevo en lo más alto. Pero cuando Jake obliga a Freddy a acceder a sus demonios internos para cortar la piedra, empieza a formarse un abismo entre los hermanos.

Los primeros cinco episodios de la nueva temporada de "Ice" están filmándose actualmente en Vancouver, Canadá, y luego se trasladará a Sudáfrica para rodar otros cinco episodios a finales de Septiembre.

Además de protagonizar la serie "Bitten", entre los trabajos más conocidos de Vandervoort figuran "Smallville", "V" y "Supergirl".

http://deadline.com/2017/08/ice-jocelyn ... 202152668/
http://tvline.com/2017/08/21/laura-vand ... -season-2/
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Re: Noticias de Laura Vandervoort/Kara

Notapor Shelby » Mar Sep 19, 2017 7:43 pm

- Entrevista a Laura Vandervoort sobre su próximo papel en "Jigsaw" (dreadcentral):

Spoiler: mostrar
Jigsaw, the upcoming eighth entry in the Saw franchise, will be coming out just in time for Halloween and we can’t wait to return to the world of John Kramer! While the first seven films all took place in a world directly related to Kramer and his dark activities, Jigsaw will break that mold by taking us out of his direct sphere of influence and into a world where a copycat killer has taken up his mantle.

To tell us more about the film, we interviewed Laura Vandervoort, who plays “Anna” in the film. She tells us not only about her character but what we might expect from the film.

Tobin Bell, Mandela Van Peebles, Laura Vandervoort, Brittany Allen, Callum Keith Rennie, Matt Passmore, Hannah Emily Anderson, Josiah Black, Shaquan Lewis, Michael Boisvert, and James Gomez star.

Brothers Peter and Michael Spierig (Daybreakers, Predestination) direct from a script by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfiner (Piranha 3D, Piranha 3DD, Sorority Row).

Jigsaw has been rated R for “grisly bloody violence and torture” and will be coming out October 27th.

Bodies are turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one man: John Kramer. But how can this be? The man known as Jigsaw has been dead for over a decade. Or has an apprentice picked up the mantle of Jigsaw, perhaps even someone inside the investigation?

Dread Central: Jigsaw may not be your first foray into the horror world but it certainly seems like the most intense! Can you tell me a bit about what it was like starring in a movie whose franchise is so well known for its gore and violence?

Laura Vandervoort: I’ve always been a fan of the horror and psychological drama genre. And I’ve always wanted to be a part of that classic scary movie. Growing up and even today I’m a huge fan of Hitchcock. As well as the original horror movies like the exorcist and the shining. Having the opportunity to be a part of the saw franchise was exciting. I knew Michael and Peter (our directors) would make a film that not only the fans of the films would love but also make it their own. In my first meeting with Peter and Michael they asked if if want to be in the traps or on the other side and I replied “the traps!”

DC: The Saw films were a Halloween staple for many years but had an absence for a while. How do you feel being part of what many are assuming will be a new resurgence for the franchise?

LV: Fantastic. I know many of the fans of this franchise have been awaiting the next installment. As a fan myself I was thrilled when I heard they were doing it.

DC: Your first credited roles on IMDb were in the “Goosebumps” TV series and you also had a role in “Are You Afraid of the Dark”. Can you talk about your relationship with horror and how you’ve seen it evolve over the years not just as someone who watches it but also as someone who acts in it?

LV: Yes, I suppose in a way I started out in that sort of genre. However shows like ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark’ and ‘Goosebumps’ were a very tame version. I was only about 14 when I did those shows. I think at that point in my career (just starting out), I was determined to not just play the girl-next-door. The scarier genres seems to allow me to play stronger characters as a young girl. Later on as a teenager I did a movie called ‘Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire.’ Again this movie was a darker Halloween take on a Disney film. Growing up I always loved Tim Burton’s films and as mentioned before, Hitchcock. Today I think we are more desensitized to seeing gore in television and film, so filmmakers are pushing the boundaries.

DC: What can you tell us about “Anna”, your Jigsaw character, and the role she plays in the greater game?

LV: I really don’t want to give much away. You first meet my character Anna in a trap. Anna is a smart, methodical character who you often find taking charge of the group. She’s a character I hope you root for. However, any fan of the Saw franchise knows that if I character is in one of the traps then it’s likely that they deserve to be there. Anna believes herself to be innocent but there may be more to it and she may have to confess her sins. What’s worse is her sin might be the worst of all.

DC: Pretty much every character in the Saw series has some sort of dark secret. What should we be looking out for when it comes to “Anna”?

LV: Haha! I’m not going to give that one away! But I will say this… Denial can be rather strong.

DC: When looking at the other Saw films, how do you think Jigsaw measures up?

LV: I actually haven’t seen the finished film yet. But I do know that with Peter and Michael directing, the film will go above and beyond fans’ expectations. Peter and Michael are very visual and I know created a fantastic looking film. We dive into characters lives backstories. The audience will get to put together pieces of the puzzle themselves.

What else is coming up for you? What’s next on your plate?

LV: I’m shooting two TV shows. One show in Vancouver called ‘Ice.’ I play a ‘firebrand’ attorney in this drama that takes place in the diamond business. We head to South Africa soon to finish shooting the season. The other is a new series called ‘Frankie Drake’ in Toronto. The show takes place in the 1920’s. I recently finished shooting and had a wonderful time. I’m also in the beginning stages of developing a film that I’m rather excited about.

http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/252149 ... gsaw-role/?

- EXCLUSIVA: Entrevista con Laura Vandervoort (celebmix):

Spoiler: mostrar
EXCLUSIVA: Entrevista con Laura Vandervoort
Por Katherine Jiang - 22 Sept 2017

With fall in the air, we can expect the return of three things: pumpkin spice everything, our favourite TV shows, and some seriously scary horror movies with Halloween coming up. We don’t know where she stands with pumpkin spice, but we definitely remember Laura Vandervoort from shows such as Smallville, Supergirl, and Bitten. – and soon, she’ll be in the much-anticipated installment of the Saw movie franchise, Jigsaw.

New to the whole series? Saw follows the many tricks and traps created by John Kramer, taking a different approach to killing his victims by testing his victims’ will to survive with these traps. A horror movie fan herself, Laura Vandervoort is just as excited for the film! She plays the mysterious character of Anna, one of the people stuck in the series’ notorious traps. More than a decade after the first film’s 2004 release, Jigsaw is the eighth film in this series. Since then, the Saw franchise has become one of the biggest horror movie franchises in the world.

What should we expect from Anna and Jigsaw? Laura chatted with CelebMix about her character and her experience working on the film!

Filming for Jigsaw started last fall, and the film is set to release this year on Halloween – how are you feeling about the film’s release?
I am thrilled. Very excited to see it all come together. I know that our directors Michael and Peter Spierig made a great film. They were incredible to work with. I’ve always been a fan of the horror/psychological thriller genre. I haven’t seen the film yet. When it releases, I will be in South Africa working and hope to see it in the theatre while I’m there.

You’re no stranger to playing roles with a prominent place in pop culture, having played the part of Kara Zor-El in Smallville, Elena in Bitten, and Indigo in Supergirl. Since the first movie in the series’ release in 2005, The Saw franchise has become one of the biggest horror movie franchises in the world. What is it like to portray roles in storylines with such a massive international following?
I have been very lucky to be a part of these genres. Whether it be a superhero franchise or horror, it is always very exciting to jump in and partake. It is encouraging to know that the fans of these genres are anticipating the next installment, that they themselves carry so much knowledge about the history of the projects or characters.

In Jigsaw, the film takes an extra mysterious turn when a murder investigation points to John Kramer, who’s been dead for a decade – an investigation that your Jigsaw character, Anna, is involved with. Can you tell us a little bit more about Anna?
I definitely don’t want to give anything away, haha. The audience meets Anna for the first time in one of John Kramer’s traps. She is the character we hope the audience will root for. She is smart, seemingly normal and innocent. Anna is very methodical about how to escape the situation, often leading the group. She is strong and determined. However, as fans of the Saw franchise will know, anyone in John Kramer’s traps usually deserves to be there. Anna just may have the darkest secret of them all.

What about the film or the character made you want to take this role?
I have always wanted to be a part of a horror film. Saw is one of the biggest horror movie franchises in the world! I was already a fan of the franchise as well as of Michael and Peter. I jumped at the chance to have a meeting with them. Once I knew more about Anna and her backstory, I was eager to dig in and portray her. Michael and Peter asked me whether I’d want to be in the traps or on the other end. I said, “Are you kidding me? Throw me in the traps!”

Was there anything you did before or while on set to help prepare for your role and get into the mindset of Anna?
Outside of working through the script and understanding the character’s motives and backstory, often times if the role is emotionally heavy, I’ll turn to music. Music is such a powerful tool to pull out our deepest emotions. I made a little playlist that felt right for Anna. Before the heavy scenes, I would listen to it on my own somewhere in a corner of the set. Focusing on the things in my own personal life that would draw out those emotions. It’s a bit of self-inflicted emotional torture.

Are there any elements of Anna’s personality that you identify with?
Yes and no. I identify with her need to always have everything under control. However, there are so many things I couldn’t relate to, things I don’t want to give away.

If you had to be any Jigsaw character other than Anna for a day, who would you be?
John Kramer!

What was your favourite part of filming?
Working with Michael and Peter. Also checking off a bucket list experience, being a part of the horror franchise.

If Kara (Smallville), Indigo (Supergirl), Elena (Bitten) and Anna (Jigsaw) were all stuck in one of Jigsaw’s traps, who do you think would have the best or worst chance at survival and why?
Wow, let’s see. Kara/Supergirl would be out in a second. With heat lasers from her eyes, she could break through any chains. She’s supernaturally strong and could break through any walls. Mind you if kryptonite is around, she’s screwed. Also not to mention, she can fly. Indigo would merely turn into particles and basically teleport out. Elena would fight and muscle her way through it all and murder everyone around her. So I guess I’d have to say Anna has the least chance. She’s merely human.

It’s been almost seven years since the latest Saw movie was released, what can avid Saw fans expect from Jigsaw?
They can expect new thrills. With our directors, they can expect more of a psychological horror. The audience will still get the blood and horror they expect but in a more cerebral, emotional way.

How would you describe Jigsaw for audiences in three words?
Piercing. Consuming and Dark.

http://celebmix.com/exclusive-interview ... ndervoort/

- La estrella de 'Jigsaw' Laura Vandervoort revela su día más difícil en el set (comicbook):

Spoiler: mostrar
La estrella de 'Jigsaw' Laura Vandervoort revela su día más difícil en el set
Por Patrick Cavanaugh - 23 enero, 2018

The Saw series has always delivered fans terrifying situations in which a victim is forced with subjecting themselves to a degree of bodily harm if they hope to get rescued, causing fans to put ourselves in a character's position to grapple with the physical and psychological torment. Laura Vandervoort, star of Jigsaw, recently shared that it was a scene full of emotional pain that was far more difficult than the extreme physical conditions of the role.

The various Jigsaw killers featured throughout the saga never target "innocent" victims, often using traps that reflect petty crimes or injustices individuals have committed throughout their lives. Vandervoort's character smothers her own baby in a fit of rage, placing the blame on her husband by claiming he rolled over onto the newborn, causing the father to kill himself out of grief. Grappling with these emotions proved to be the actress' biggest challenge on the entire film.

"My character goes through a lot. It's always high stakes," Vandervoort told ComicBook.com. "It was exhausting every day just emotionally with the physicality of it, but it wasn't difficult when I got home to let it go. It's disturbing what my character did to her child. I would say that was the hardest day onset emotionally, with an actual baby onset, but other than that day, I didn't have trouble going home to sleep at night. I guess maybe that day, I probably had to watch something, but I watch American Horror Story, so I don't give myself much of a break from that."

Some of the Canadian actress' earliest roles were in the TV series Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark?,so the horror genre has always been near and dear to her heart.

"I grew up loving horror movies and psychological thrillers. Hitchcock was my everything growing up," Vandervoort admitted. "I guess I don't get overly scared easily, although my friends would say differently. When I watch horror movies with them, I cover my eyes, but I love the thrill. I guess being on the set of Jigsaw, I was a fan of the Saw franchise already. I was more excited to be there."

http://comicbook.com/horror/2018/01/23/ ... interview/
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Re: Noticias de Laura Vandervoort/Kara

Notapor Shelby » Sab Sep 30, 2017 11:11 am

- Laura Vandervoort on Dealing With Actor FOMO + Why Wanting to Quit Is Normal (backstage):

Spoiler: mostrar
Laura Vandervoort on Dealing With Actor FOMO + Why Wanting to Quit Is Normal
Por Laura Vandervoort | 29 Sept, 2017, 9 a.m.

Things for you have become more about the endgame than enjoying the journey. You’ve stopped playing and started stressing. Why? You began acting at 13 years old because you felt a pull to do it. Then you started worrying about booking jobs, being perfect, and being off-book for every single audition. You became a serious shell of your once wide-eyed self.

Look around. Try to enjoy the process rather than agonizing over getting that audition, stressing out at the audition, and then self-doubting when you book it—it’s exhausting. Trust yourself. Stop thinking that you fooled them. You got the job. Celebrate! That’s the biggest thing I wish for you: to actually take a moment to be proud of yourself.

I know you think that everything you do has to somehow include progressing your career—that if you book that vacation, for example, you’ll miss out on a huge opportunity; that if you are in a relationship, you aren’t putting 100 percent of your focus on your craft. I know you are terrified that you will let everyone down. You’re putting too much pressure on yourself.

So many actors fear they need to be available 24/7 or they’ll miss out. You’ll get to my age and realize there were so many moments you could have enjoyed had you not been so afraid. Be free. Forget your lines and start over. No one is counting how many days go by where you are word-perfect; there is no award for that.

READ: 5 Things That Won’t Book You the Job

Some more hard-earned insights: You’re going to want to quit. At least once a year. That’s normal. It means you still care.

Put a bit of yourself into every role, every audition; no one else has that, so why compare yourself to anyone?

You can hold your sides in your hand during auditions. You don’t have to show some sort of false confidence in the room. In fact, more often than not, they want to see vulnerability—a real, unpolished human being. Holding the sides shows them you are open to change. Surprise them.

You’re going to have a lot of downtime. That’s the business. Don’t let it freak you out. Use this time to experience the world. Everything you experience can be used in your craft.

Being a girl in this business can be tough. Support other girls around you.

And heads up: You’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to have to fight to play the roles you desire. You’re going to leave home and explore the world. You’re going to adopt an amazing dog, like you always wanted. You will be unsure about what path to take at times, but continue on your journey and it will work itself out.

Go forward. Fall down and smile ear to ear because that’s life. We never stop learning. It’s not perfect, and that’s what makes it amazing.


Your Wiser, Unpolished, Smiling-Ear-to-Ear, Older Self (with your future adopted dog sitting beside you)

Vandervoort got her first break on the Canadian TV series “Instant Star” before moving into the U.S. market with ABC’s “V” and later “Smallville” on the CW. Now she’s starring in the latest horror thriller from the Spierig brothers, “Jigsaw.” The film hits theaters Oct. 27.

https://www.backstage.com/advice-for-ac ... it-normal/?
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Re: Noticias de Laura Vandervoort/Kara

Notapor Shelby » Mar Oct 03, 2017 11:48 pm

- Entrevista de Laura Vandervoort en "Unpopular Style Magazine":

Spoiler: mostrar
Entrevista de Laura Vandervoort en "Unpopular Style Magazine"
03 Oct del 2017

Actress Laura Vandervoort has a lot to look forward to with the premiere of her upcoming film Jigsaw, the long-awaited revival of the popular Saw film series hitting screens just in time for Halloween. She will be starring as Anna in this next chapter of the saga. We’ll have to wait until the film’s release to see where she falls into Jigsaw’s grizzly plans. But Vandervoort is not new to fan-favorite franchises. For most of her career, she has been entertaining fans of comic books and science fiction with starring and recurring roles in hit shows like V, Smallville, Supergirl and Bitten. Luckily for her, she is a huge fan of these genres herself. During our time with Ms. Vandervoort, we discussed what we can be expected from the highly-anticipated film along with favorite free-time activities, inspirations, fashion/style preferences and what we can hope to see next.

You have a huge film coming out next month with Jigsaw. Obviously, this is the next installment in the iconic horror franchise that has had a 7-year hiatus. We at UNpopular Style Magazine are huge fans of Saw and Horror films in general. How did you get involved with this project? Were you a fan of the previous films in the series?

I was a fan of the franchise. I'm a huge horror/psychological thriller fan in general. With Jigsaw, I was actually able to have a sit down meeting with our incredible directors Peter and Michael. We hit it off! I was a fan of their previous film 'Predestination' and knew how incredibly talented they were.

The past movies are known for their elaborate traps and violence, where there any interesting traps or gore effects that were difficult or intense for you personally? Any favorites?

Don't want to spoil any of the 'fun', however, Jigsaw keeps in line with the elaborate traps! I believe Michael and Peter made the film more of a psychological thriller than gore. They have their spin on it. It's incredible. Don't get me wrong, we have gore... but it's more about piecing together the 'puzzle' if you will. I'm claustrophobic so there was one trap in particular that I was concerned about.

What can you tell us about the character of Anna and how does she fall into Jigsaw’s insane games?

I'm not sure I can say much. Anna did or did not do horrible thing(s) in her past. She is there to come face to face with whatever skeletons she may have in her closet. I do think the audience will root for her. At least I hope so! Haha.

You have been a part of some huge fan-favorite franchises with V, Smallville, Supergirl, Spider-Man: Edge of Time and now Jigsaw. What have your experiences been like connecting with such a passionate fan base? Were you a fan of horror and science fiction at all growing up?

I have been lucky enough to be a part of the Sci-fi genre now for over 10 years. It is such a blessing to experience that. The fan base is so incredibly knowledgeable about my characters. Their enthusiasm for Sci-fi projects, their passion and kindness is immense. Growing up I was definitely a kid that loved the darker, twisted plots- Tim Burton, Hitchcock. I grew up idolizing Buffy The Vampire Slayer, haha. So I suppose Horror and sci-fi has always been a passion for me.

Are there any actors/actresses or directors you would like to work with one day?

I would love to work with David Fincher one day. Darren Aronofsky. Patty Jenkins. Tim Burton. Spielberg. Tarantino. Scorsese.

Are there any particular films or performers that inspired you to want to be an actress from a young age? Were you fueled by your imagination as a child?

One film that I believe made me want to get into this business was the movie 'My Girl.' When the movie came out, I was a similar age to the lead young actress. It was the first film I'd seen at that point that dealt with real life issues and a young girl trying to manage it all. I was drawn in.

When you have a free day, what do you enjoy doing most?

Coffee before anything! Ha. With a free day I tend to get a workout in, tackle any errands I've let go while working. See my friends. Maybe a movie, dinner or a hike. I'm absolutely In love with my rescue dog Frankie. A lot of my free time is spent with her, haha. I also have a great group of friends who love to do escape rooms together.

How would you define your own personal style in terms of fashion? Favorite beauty products, places to shop or beauty secrets? Any items you can’t leave the home without?

My personal style? I'm not sure I have one. I tend to (like most people) dress according to the situation. On days off I'm often in my lulu lemons and a hoodie. Jeans and a t shirt. For meetings or work events I just always try to dress in something that makes me feel strong and confident, whether it's a blazer and tailored pants, a dress or heels with a great top and jeans. I do like having a bit of a heel at all times. I cannot leave home without my Peter Thomas Roth mascara or a concealer stick. Maybe a lightly colored lipstick? Really I can't leave home without my dog!

How often do you visit your hometown in Canada? Anything from there that you wish we had in the U.S.?

I am home often! I've been lucky enough to work on projects within Canada, often my hometown of Toronto. I always look for projects in Toronto. I'm very close with my family and have a niece and nephew. So getting home at least once a month or once every 2 months is important to me. I do wish we had Tim Horton's in the U.S. ... and maybe dill pickle and ketchup chips.

Are there any upcoming projects you are working on now that you can tell us about? Anything we can look forward to?

I'm currently working on a series called 'Ice' in Vancouver, BC. Later I'll be doing a show in Toronto called 'Frankie Drake.' I'm also at the very early stages of trying to develop something I'm rather excited about. Stay tuned!

https://www.unpopularstyle.com/single-p ... andervoort
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Re: Noticias de Laura Vandervoort/Kara

Notapor Shelby » Lun Oct 30, 2017 11:41 am

- Entrevista de Laura Vandervoort en "A Book of Us":

Spoiler: mostrar
What’s your story? Who is Laura in a nutshell.

Gosh, well that's a question!! My story...hmm. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I was always a tomboy growing up. I always did well in school, worked hard. I have my second degree black belt in Karate. I started acting at the age of 13 in Canada. I come from a loving family (An older sister and parents).

We always had animals running around the house. My parents have always been very supportive of myself and my career. In a nutshell you could say I'm an introvert with extrovert tendencies on occasion- rare occasion. I'm an over-analyzer. I’m a bit of a worrier. I’m an animal lover. I am an Aunt to my niece and nephew. I am a Mother to my dog Frankie. I'm a writer, producer, actor and friend. I am Passionate about what I do, and to my friends and family.

When and how did acting start for you?

At a young age, my aunt gave me a copy of the movie 'My Girl.' It was the first movie I had seen that truly affected me. Perhaps that was because the young girl/star of the movie was around my age. I went up to my parents afterwards and asked if I could try this 'acting thing.' I was quite serious growing up and shy. In a way, I think it was an outlet for me with my emotions.

I started out as a background performer on Canadian shows. I took classes and went out for auditions. After a few commercials, I booked my first speaking role on a kid’s series called 'Goosebumps.' After that, I continued to learn, grow and work. I do believe that being so focused and competitive as a child helped in this crazy business.

Do you remember your first audition? How was it?

No, that was over 20 years ago (laughs). I definitely don't remember my first audition. I do remember going in for (what they call) 'cattle calls' as a kid for commercials where the casting agents bring in everyone (and I mean EVERYONE).

I recall how it was so disheartening when I wouldn’t book jobs. I always took it so personally. It takes thick skin to be in this business. I'm still working on it. It's not necessarily a 'normal' feeling to be rejected as much as you do in this business, especially (at the time) for a young girl.

Did you initially intend to be an actress?

I didn't. I had always wanted to be a writer. I would write short stories and poems.

Walk us through your process as an actress. Tell us a little bit about what you do to prepare yourself for the job.

The process varies depending on the role. I read the script several times. My OCD then kicks in and post-its are my best friend (laughs). I'm a visual learner. I need to tag every scene, highlight it and write my notes down the side of every page.

Scenes I wish to put more time into are tagged at the top of the script. I usually find myself throughout each day going over and over the character in my head (Who she is, why she responds the way she does to her surroundings, etc)

Making a playlist has always been helpful. Music that either I feel my character can relate to, or music that actually helps me get inside of her head.

What inspires you?

Humanity. People. Love. Art.

You were quoted via IMDb saying: “Hollywood is something imagined... acting is something crafted.” Can you elaborate on this?

It really just means that actors create. They create a form of art. They express themselves. They give a piece of themselves. That's where the real joy is. Hollywood to many people is a glamorous mystical place. It was for me growing up.

I'd hear about it, see it on TV or in the movies. It seemed so ideal. I loved Frank Sinatra, The Rat Pack. Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Betty Davis, Joan Crawford. In reality, the idea of 'Hollywood' isn't real.

What’s your favorite part of playing such an iconic role as Kara/Supergirl on Smallville?

The fact that it she is an iconic superhero! Supergirl gives women all over the world a strong female superhero to believe in.

How was it playing “Indigo” in Supergirl after playing Supergirl herself in “Smallville?”

Indigo was a layered, dangerous and vulnerable villain. I'll just say this...it's fun being bad.

Let’s chat a little bit about your role as Anna in the film Jigsaw.

The audience will first meet Anna in one of Kramer’s traps. Fans of the franchise will know anyone in one of Kramer’s traps deserves to be there. Anna is a character (I hope) the audience will root for throughout the film. She believes she doesn't deserve to be there. That she's done nothing wrong. She's smart and methodical.

You are very open about your love for the Horror and Sci-fi genres. What is it about these genres that excite you the most?

I'm not entirely sure. I’ve just always been a fan. Perhaps it's the escape from reality? I grew up loving Tim Burton films, Hitchcock, The Shining, The Exorcist, Poltergeist...the list goes on.

Out of all the characters that you have ever played, is there a specific favorite and why?

It would be hard to determine my favorite. They've all taught me something, challenged me in different ways at different points in my life.

Is there a different genre / a character that you want to try and why?

There are still so many things I would like to do. One in particular would be comedy.

What If Joss Whedon finally writes you back and ask you to do a Buffy-esque project with him. What would you say?


What are your favorite Alfred Hitchcock and Tim Burton films?

Hitchcock: Psycho, Vertigo, Rear Window, The Birds, To Catch A Thief.

Tim Burton: Corpse Bride, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow.

Are there any specific types of animals/creatures that are very very dear to your heart that you wanna help save and protect?


How would you describe your style?

Casual most of the time. Other times, I suppose dressy casual? Haha. It always varies depending on where I'm heading, what mood I'm in. I really don't have a specific style.

What keeps you busy aside from acting?

I’ve been trying to develop some of my own material. Over the past few years I have been working on one in particular. However, most recently I'm working on developing a Canadian film. Things that I'm passionate about keep me busy.

Whether it is within my industry or not I keep busy working out, spending time with family, friends and spending time with my dog. I’m very passionate about animals as well as an ambassador for World Vision Canada. Last year I designed a limited edition jewelry line benefiting World Vision Canada. The pieces were inspired by the number 11:11. Happy to say that the line was a success!

Name any actor that you want to work with (dead or alive) and why.

I would have loved to work with Bette Davis, Frank Sinatra, Joan Crawford, Grace Kelly, Orson Welles, Cary Grant, Hitchcock, Audrey Hepburn. They have all impacted me in their own way through their work.

Any advice you can give to young and aspiring actors out there?

Don't give up. Really. I know it sounds like a cliché, but it's true. This is a tough business in many ways. I’ve wanted to quit many times when things get tough. You really need to know it's a rollercoaster but if you love it, it is worth the ride.

http://www.abookof.us/interviews/2017/1 ... andervoort

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Re: Noticias de Laura Vandervoort/Kara

Notapor Shelby » Vie Nov 03, 2017 12:14 pm

- C'est Prune: Laura Vandervoort (prunemagazine):

Spoiler: mostrar
C'est Prune: Laura Vandervoort
Por Prune Magazine - 03 Nov, 2017

Prune: Talk to us about your new movie, Jigsaw.

Laura: Jigsaw is the eighth installment of the ‘Saw’ franchise, one of the biggest horror franchises today. We filmed Jigsaw in Toronto, Canada and it was directed by twin brothers from Australia, Michael and Peter. It takes on a bit of a new direction compared to the previous films. I play Anna, who the audience will meet at first in one of Jigsaw’s traps. Without giving too much away, you will root for her and then you will hate her.

Prune: The Saw franchise is one of the highest grossing horror film franchises in history. What is it like to be part of such an iconic team?

Laura: It’s an honor. I was a fan of the franchise already, so to now be a part of the family feels pretty cool.

Prune: Are you a horror fan, or do you normally stay away from scary movies?

Laura: I’m a huge horror fan. However, I tend to lean a tad toward psychological thrillers, like older films from Hitchcock, and classic horror films such as The Shining, Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist.

Prune: If you could go out on one date with any fellow celebrity, male or female, who would it be?

Laura: Paul Rudd. He’s hilarious.

Prune: Let’s chat fashion. What is your everyday style?

Laura: Most days I’m in jeans and a T-shirt. It’s really not that exciting. Haha. A baseball cap. I like to be comfortable.

Prune: Last – pop culture pruning. What trend would you like to eliminate?

Laura: I'd love to see the squiggly eyebrow trend disappear hahaha. I don't get it. Maybe if you're dressing up for Halloween, but day to day, and even on the runways... not a fan.

https://www.prunemagazine.com/single-po ... andervoort

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Re: Noticias de Laura Vandervoort/Kara

Notapor Shelby » Mié Ene 24, 2018 9:06 pm

- 'Smallville's Supergirl Looks Back at How the TV Superhero Landscape Has Changed (comicbook):

http://comicbook.com/dc/2018/01/24/smal ... interview/
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