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- Tom Welling celebrating unique moment of 'Winchesters'/'Professionals' nights (upi): ... 666639701/

- Tom Welling on ‘Professionals’ Perks and How He Stays Connected to ‘Smallville’ (TVInsider): ... nchesters/

- Tom Welling Discusses The CW's Professionals And Reuniting With Jensen Ackles (looper): ... interview/

- Tom Welling On How Jensen Ackles Inspired Him To Accept His Role On The Winchesters (looper): ... exclusive/

- Tom Welling Talks Conventions, the ‘Smallville’ Legacy, Working with Brendan Fraser, Joining ‘The Winchesters’, & More! (nerds & beyond): ... exclusive/

- Tom Welling Discusses The Joys Of Smallville Reunions And His Podcast With Michael Rosenbaum (looper): ... paign=clip

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